Living Etc | July 2023

Meet ‘borderless living’ – the design trend architects love as it creates minimalist spaces you want to have fun in

Borderless living is the ultimate take on an open-plan layout, and this Californian ranch is a prime example as to why it’s such a wonderful way to live

Open-plan homes have been a feature of modern design for a while now. But architects have been upping the sense of freedom they create with a move towards borderless living, where indoors and out are blended as one. It’s not a new idea – it was pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright decades ago – but in its new iteration we see this blended living extend, evolving with the way we want to live now.

Enter this modern home that sees external walls virtually disappear. Architect Christie Tyreus, transformed this Californian ranch to reflect more modern ways of living, and the results are exceptional.

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