Founded by Christie Tyreus in 2008, Tyreus Design Studio (TDS) builds bespoke spaces that inspire and foster a sense of wonder. TDS is a close-knit team of professional dreamers, creatives, and rebels, with expertise in the fields of architecture, interiors, industrial design, and textiles. United by artistry and an inventive spirit, TDS serves clients with a similar ethos from all over the Bay Area. 


Principal, Licensed Architect

Interior Designer

Kimmi Le

Kim Le

Junior Designer

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Dmitry Zhamoida

CG and 3D Renderings Artist

Director of Project Development
As-Built Surveyor & Production



Interior Design

New Construction 

Storefront / Retail Concept Design 

Two decades of experience designing custom properties has allowed us to create a highly efficient process with cohesive project results. Our close coordination with building and planning departments during each phase of the project is essential to moving smoothly through the complex permitting process.