Founded in 2008, the Bay Area office specializes in the design of signature residential and commercial properties that are as stylish and comfortable as they are functional, exhibiting inventive solutions to everyday challenges.


Whether you need to rebuild an entire house, modify your home’s current style, or just solve a few problems, Tyreus Design can show you how and guide you step by step through the design, permit, and construction process. Our services include building plans, interior design, and exterior hardscape design. Our design process involves extensive 3D modeling, photorealistic renderings, and professional timeline management.

Two decades of experience designing custom properties has allowed us to create a highly efficient process with cohesive project results. Our close coordination with building and planning departments during each phase of the project is essential to moving smoothly through the complex permitting process. The Tyreus design team is intimately familiar with the unique challenges of each of the many building departments throughout Marin County, San Francisco, Sonoma, and Napa Valley.


Christie Tyreus

Christie Tyreus, AIA

Lead Designer, Owner

Bryn Namavari

Bryn Namavari

Project Manager

Michele Fredericks

Michele Fredericks

Materials Director

Natasha Railchenko

Natasha Railchenko

Interior Designer

Nelson Del Campo

Nelson del Campo

As-Built Surveyor & Production